2. Trying to figure out how much room I have for the people who don’t seem to have enough room for me.

  3. alicexz:

    "Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness."
    "I’m not sad."
    "Then why are you crying?"

    Spent many, many hours livestreaming and working on this painting - my tribute and goodbye to the magnificent Amy Pond (and how she inspired the greatest painter that ever lived!) I of course purposely researched Van Gogh works such as Starry Night and Sunflowers and would like to think if Amy stayed for a portrait, Vincent painted something like this.

    EDIT: This artwork (“The Song of Your Sadness”) is now officially licensed by the BBC! It’s available as a print online at the BBC Shop, as well as in a larger size from Big Chief Studios Ltd.


  5. "Soiled Myself?"

    "Did you? Now that’s getting into character." 


  7. Thank you tumblr!

    It’s almost like I’ve already watched Doctor Who 8.03 through gifs on tumblr. 


  8. whoinwhoville:

    Chapter 6 of ?
    Rated Teen
    (This chapter, High Teen for snogging and language.)
    Alec Hardy x Rose Tyler
    Doctor Who/Broadchurch Crossover
    kelkat9 and bittie752 and kilodalton, although, I did not submit this chapter to my betababes. I just needed to post, darn it!


    This is fantastic! Thank you!


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    What is this thing and why is it on my desk

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